MPP High Performance Multiphase Pump

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Main Applications

Sulzer multiphase pumps (MPP) are used to pressure boost oil well effluent without upstream separation. As such, they are able to withstand a wide and variable range of process conditions such as:


• variable oil flows


• changing water cut


• variable gas void fractions, fluid pressures and temperatures


They are deployed onshore, offshore, and subsea, in a variety of environments and climates.






Features and Benefits

1Heavy duty pressurized double mechanical seals


•  Ensures reliable operation whatever the GVF being pumped

2Decades of balance drum experience

• Allows the pump to make high dP with reasonable thrust bearing loads

3Tapered shaft end

Fast coupling removal for ease of mechanical seal maintenance

4、Anti-friction or hydrodynamic bearings

• Anti friction bearings up to 3,600 rpm

• Hydrodynamic bearings > 3,600 rpm

5Axial split inner casing and split diffuser

• Simplifies maintenance and ensures excellent rotordynamic behavior (no need to disassemble rotor after balancing)

6Helico-axial hydraulic

• Allows high gas volumes to be pumped, sand tolerant design due to large clearances and abrasion resistant material/coatings

7Full cartridge pull-out with bolted cover closure

• Reduces downtime and assures pressure tightness



Monitoring and Control

Helico-axial MPPs have a self regulating capability to adapt to gas volume changes under nor-mal operating conditions. They have a wide operating envelope with a large turndown capability.


The pump and its auxiliaries are controlled by a PLC via an operator interface (local and/ or remote and allowing for unmanned operation). Trend-ing and history functions are provided.


MPP’s are normally operated at a constant speed selected by the operator to achieve the desired output. The operating process control can be effected by changing the speed set point (using a process param-eter for control). Variable speed drive (mechanical or electri-cal) provides a high degree of operational flexibility and suits process changes due to field evolution over time.


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