1 Name

polyDualMesh - Calculate the dual of a polyMesh. Adheres to all the feature and patch edges.

Valid versions: OF Version 21.png

2 Synopsis

polyDualMesh [OPTIONS] ANGLE

3 Description

Calculate the dual of a polyMesh. Adheres to all the feature and patch edges.

Detects any boundary edge (angle > ANGLE) and creates multiple boundary faces for it. Normal behaviour is to have each point become a cell (1.5 behaviour).


  • Split cells on concave boundary edges into multiple cells. Might limit the amount of distortion on some meshes.


  • Disable the default behaviour of preserving faceZones by having multiple faces inbetween cells


  • Normally only constructs a single face between two cells. This single face might be too distorted. splitAllFaces will create a single face for every original cell the face passes through. The mesh will thus have multiple faces inbetween two cells! (so is not strictly upper-triangular anymore - checkMesh will complain)


  • Overwrite the existing mesh files


  • Exclude the 0 directory from the times list

-time RANGES


  • Apply only on the latest time available


  • Include the constant directory in the times list

-case DIR

  • Execute the command on the case directory DIR. If not provided, use the current directory



  • Display the help and exit

Note: is just a driver for meshDualiser. Substitute your own simpleMarkFeatures to have different behaviour.